Ohio Vet 2 Vet Network

Ohio Vet 2 Vet Network

​Official Mission Statement

When a Service Member enlists or accepts a commission within any of the branches of the Armed Forces, that Service Member becomes part of the nation's military family. Our mission at Ohio Vet 2 Vet Network is to ensure that our Ohio Veterans continue to be part of the military family by:
  • Providing a venue for Veterans to help each other
  • Providing links to health/mental health services
  • Providing links to education, training, and employment resources
  • Providing suicide & PTSD resources
  • Providing information on food, shelter, & housing
  • Providing information on legal services
  • Providing information on Veteran benefits & discount

​Our Goals

  • Provide a resource tool for Veterans
  • Establish Veteran support Groups
  • Support Veteran charities
  • Establish transitional housing program that provides mental counseling, financial counseling, employment & education resources, and other essential needs

​Our Values

  • Selfless Service - Every member of our team is, and always will be, an unpaid volunteer
  • Advocacy - Forever strive to identify Veteran issues and advance the interests of the nation's Veterans
  • Respect - Show respect to all of our nation's Veterans

Captain Michael Barnes

​​​Founder and Executive Director

Michael is a 22-year combat veteran of the United States Army and a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner student at The Ohio State University. He has personally counseled over a dozen Soldiers suffering from suidical ideations. He is passionate about helping Service Members overcome physical and mental hardships.

After completing his studies, Michael plans on serving the mental health care needs of our nation's Veterans.